Ever Wake Up and Just Feel Fed Up? Or Have Days When Your Energy Is Low And Everything Just Seems Like Such An Overwhelming Effort?


Why do we put ourselves under so much unnecessary pressure? I mean, why do we endlessly struggle on, putting our real needs last, ignoring the signs our body is trying to give us?

Why are we quick to dismiss looking after our own well being, and when there is a spare few hours and a void in the week, why do we have an unconscious desire to fill it with activities and stuff?

You are not alone

When there's so much to do...

... perform at work,
... make time for, and be a supportive shoulder for family and friends
... steal moments for managing tasks at home,
... and look after everybody else's requests

... then finally collapse into bed late, too wired and so exhausted that you're unable to sleep because your mind is racing with a million-and-one things still to do.


You've tried Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp, Gym, and although it does make you feel better, there's still something missing.  The void between sessions when you are on your own, with the same emotional blocks, back to reality and to the same old undisciplined ways.

That was me a few years ago until one day I just had enough and knew I had to find another way...

I was sick of rushing around, stressed and fed up.  My health wasn't awful, but it wasn't awesomely great either. Tiny yet annoying ailments slowly and steadily crept in. If I gained some ground, making space for 'self', improving my well being and my mindset, it was short lived as life (and people) very quickly got back in the way.

I then began to realise that I had to take full ownership, make regular time and space for 'me' because, to be honest, I was not looking after myself at all.

Like they say on an airplane, You Have To Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First Before You Help Others.

My discovery was that to truly look after yourself, you need to balance many different aspects; your inside and outside, your physical and emotional self, and most of all, create a pause in proceedings and calm your mind.

And that can only be done by creating space in your life and honouring that space with the same importance as all your other commitments.

That's when I discovered the incredible transformational benefits of Reflexology & Reiki, connecting to my inner self and changing my daily lifestyle by introducing self-care practise... those rhythms that support me on a soul level and allow me to feel calm, connected and really happy with life.

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Wellness Rituals

I devised an effective and powerful combination of Reflexology & Reiki practice, and wellness rituals that have healed and transformed me from a worn out wreck, to feeling calm, nourished, energised and renewed. The tools I learned have now become a habit, a wonderful Rhythm that has taught me to intuitively feel the state of my mind and body better, so that when I have complicated days, I know exactly what I need to do to regain inner balance.

I simply realised that it was not about any one treatment or process, rather the integration of multiple disciplines that work in harmony with your mind and body and having a mentor to help me through those sticky moments and to keep me accountable to my choices,

Would you like to feel better?

Or would you like to feel present, happy, even wonderful.... consistently, day to day?

My unique Wellness program is designed specifically to help those who are looking for balance in mind, body and spirit, and routinely, so it becomes a habit rather than an occasional treat.


What is The Reflex & Reiki Transformation Program?

It is an exclusive, unique and comprehensive wellness and lifestyle program that is anchored around a series of one-one-one Reflex and/or Reiki Therapy sessions, designed to clear unwanted energy blockages to transform your Well being and give you the opportunity to stop, relax, focus and reconnect with yourself, while realigning your body Internal Systems.

When we are empowered to take control of our well being, and take time to practise self-care, life becomes lighter, brighter, easier and more enjoyable.

You'll receive a relaxing healing therapy in a warm, luxurious and calm environment, with expert guidance and technique from a fully qualified Natural Therapist. You'll also receive a customised personal home treatment program which will consist of a series of simple and straightforward exercises and daily well being rituals you can implement in your life.

Watch and listen to Rachael's experience of the Program...

The Full Program Benefits Explained...



A comprehensive health, lifestyle and wellness Assessment so we can create your very own action plan.  We consider all aspects that contribute to your current levels of stress, your health, your habits and your lifestyle.  Once we understand the source of who you are and your present situation in terms of your well being, then we can heal, rebuild and renew.


Bespoke Reflex & Reiki Fusion Program

Based upon the results of your Health and Lifestyle Assessment you will receive a personalised Holistic Therapy Program, created by Sam, geared specifically towards your individual needs. This level of fine tuning will deliver the greatest results for your mind, body and soul and is an effective way to begin to heal and clear physical, mental and emotional barriers, so you can reach your wellness goals.

Six, 90 minute one-on-one Reflex/Reiki Therapy Sessions

The key benefit of Reflexology is that it delivers relief across all areas of the body, deep into all 11 internal systems including Lymphatic, Nervous, Circulatory and digestive to name a few.  Unlike traditional massage which only focuses on muscles and tissue in a specific area of the body. 

When you add Reiki into the session too, you are able to undo any old habits, clear unwanted energies and emotions that are stalling your ability to transform into the person you really want to be. Your thoughts are energy, energy creates action, which in turn creates your present reality.  Changing how you view life, changing our perspective, choosing positive focus and intention creates a shift in the universal collective energy source, upon which we all draw from. Living life in abundance and from the heart, nurtures you soul and allows you to become who you truly want to be, with no ego and without the pressure from others.

The continuity benefits of an 6 week program are far reaching. The body starts to positively effect change on a cellular level, encouraging a healing response for a totally holistic experience.

Prescriptive Natural Reflexology Balms

Luxury, organic essential oil blended reflex balms and a beautifully warm therapy room diffused in essential oil that sooth and further enhance your one-on-one treatment.

Guided self-Care Reflex Tutorials & Journaling Diary

For in-between sessions, your own, personal after-care hand reflex plan.  These quick instructionals will reinforce the effects of your treatments. I promise they will be effective, easy to follow along and implement, without taking over your life and schedule. Plus a diary for journalling, observation taking, writing affirmations, recording information and working through the thoughts on the areas of your life that will come up for you as you start to shift energetically, clearing the old to make way for the new.

6 weeks Of support from Sam

It's likely you'll have questions along the way on your wellness journey. Access to me in-between scheduled sessions is where you can check-in, ask her advice or simply seek balance on the odd frustrating day if it doesn't go quite to plan.  Practical advice, guidance and support are on hand.

Your Post Program Wellness Pack

An compilation of all the resources you've learned about in this program, delivered in an exclusive online portal, so you can review, download and refer to them in future.

The investment

It is important that Sam works with only carefully selected and 'right fit' clients

What we ask of you is your Commitment to the Program, step in with both feet and play full out.

Do you believe this program is right for you?

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