I am predominately a Female Health Practitioner.
Male Clients By Referral Only. Thank You For Your Understanding

Information & Bookings

When it comes to your health and well being, in order to serve you fully and offer you the highest value and consistency, my Packages and Programs may be what you are looking for.

If you are new to Reflexology or Reiki, I absolutely welcome you to experience a single session.

Contact me direct on 0466 273647 for more details about Intuitive Guidance sessions OR my Holistic Transformation Program.

Distance Healing appointments available to book HERE

** UPDATE** New Inner West Sydney Clinic from 15th August 2019.

10 Garnet Avenue, Lilyfield, 2040

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Clinic Dates and Times:


Thursday August 15th - 3.15pm to 9pm
Friday August 16th - 10am to 7pm
Saturday August 17th - 8am to 2pm

Thursday September 12th - 3.15pm to 9pm
Friday September 13th - 10am to 7pm
Saturday September 14th - 8am to 2pm

Thursday October 10th - 3.15pm to 9pm
Friday October 11th - 10am to 7pm
Saturday October 12th - 8am to 2pm

Thursday November 7th - 3.15pm to 9pm
Friday November 8th - 10am to 7pm
Saturday November 9th - 8am to 2pm

Thursday December 5th - 3.15pm to 9pm
Friday December 6th - 10am to 7pm
Saturday December 7th - 8am to 2pm

NEW! Noosaville Clinic


Sternlight Street, Noosaville, 4566

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Mondays - 10am to 1pm
Thursdays - 1pm to 6pm
Fridays - 10am to 1pm