My private therapy room is a soothing haven from the hustle and bustle of life. 
It's so quiet, you can really relax & unwind, and enjoy time and space to yourself in a luxurious environment, with no rush and no interruption.

Clean, contemporary, serenly decorated therapy room in a calm and quiet position. In the morning is bathed in lots of soft, warm, natural light. During Sydney's warmer months, controllable air conditioning keeps the atmosphere comfortable. And in the Winter, there's fluffy, warm blankets to cuddle up, under.


A soothing environment is created with the therapeutic blend of organic essential oils gently scenting the air.  Gentle music, plays lightly in the background.  Clients are so relaxed, they pretty much always fall into a deep sleep.


Organic foot balms both natural or infused with therapeutic essential oils are used on the feet.  These premium balms are produced with love and care and in sympathy with the environment.


Each client receives after-care advice after a Reflexology and Reiki treatment.  Simple self-help Reflexology techniques are also given to do on the hands at home, in between Reflexology appointments.  This helps to preserve and further boost the therapeutic effects on the body.