Heal Thyself


No therapist can force change and healing in a person. Healing comes from within yourself, as nature and the soul intends.

Yet, I have found that for us to receive the absolute healing of oneself as cleanly and effectively as possible, it requires support, wisdom, empathy and connection from another.

To think and believe we can facilitate our own healing without inspiration or guidance or expertise from others is coming from a place of ego and self sabotage.

We are all connected and achieve the best of outcomes through connection. We do not need to feel like we are on our own, isolated, and doing it singlehandedly.

Seek, reach out and receive help today. Connect with your intuition and let that be your guide to finding the facilitator for you. Receive the support to heal and observe the improvement in your wellbeing.

And feel the appreciation, joy, respect and friendship that comes from working with another, those additional, unexpected benefits that arise from connection both physically and energetically 🙏🏻

When did you last reach out for some help and what did you receive from the experience?

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Reiki For Reducing Back Pain


Reiki can reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Let’s take back pain as an example as it’s a common ailment in my clinic. From Pregnant women to Executives who do a lot of driving or sitting at a desk all day.

You’ll probably notice that after a Reiki treatment your pain will feel better instantaneously and if you have regular massage or body work which doesn’t seem to do the trick long term, you may well find that you have much more success and better results with Reiki.

Harnessing the higher energy fields available to us, Reiki will access and blend with the energy in and around your body, within the meridians, the energy centres and on a cellular level to positively change your inner environment and restore your body’s natural balance.