Reiki For Reducing Back Pain


Reiki can reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

Let’s take back pain as an example as it’s a common ailment in my clinic. From Pregnant women to Executives who do a lot of driving or sitting at a desk all day.

You’ll probably notice that after a Reiki treatment your pain will feel better instantaneously and if you have regular massage or body work which doesn’t seem to do the trick long term, you may well find that you have much more success and better results with Reiki.

Harnessing the higher energy fields available to us, Reiki will access and blend with the energy in and around your body, within the meridians, the energy centres and on a cellular level to positively change your inner environment and restore your body’s natural balance.


How do you define Happiness?

How do you define Happiness?

Have you ever spent time fixating on problems that involve you and your significant others, only for you to fall down a rabbit hole of despair and exasperation on how to make the situation better for yourself and everyone involved?

Well that's not uncommon.  We have all been there.

It is inspiring to witness my client's breakthroughs around releasing thoughts and emotions that do not contribute to their feeling happy and content.

Because, Happiness depends on letting go of controlling things that are beyond your control.

For example, the feelings of others, the future and the past and whether or not people like you.

Begin by asking yourself questions:

Who am I?
How do I want to feel?
How can I begin to feel this way, what is the plan?
How can I keep the momentum and set an example to others?

With some sound investment in personal development, you can really start to see the attachment to situations that do not serve you and by beginning to un-peel the back story, you can acknowledge first and gradually release the pain, the tension and the discomfort.

Find time to work on yourself, that's the only thing you can control and maintain.

When you do this, you will be a beacon of inspiration and hope to others. You'll be a beautiful example of happiness and health that will positively influence others.

The effect is highly attractive, magnetic.

That's how I help my clients feel happy and feel accomplished.

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