Why Celebrate Your Wins?

Last week, my husband and I and our little dog Dudley went on a road trip up to Byron Bay. It was my first visit there and was blown away by the beauty and laid back nature of the people and the place.

Back in the therapy room this week I was reminded how important it is to reflect and be thankful for having those experiences.

By stopping for a few moments in the day to appreciate the wins, successes, breakthroughs, achievements and even failures (as they lead to valuable lessons), is really good for our health and well being.

It's easy to get moving onto the next thing before we celebrate, especially the small, tiny, seemingly insignificant Wins.  So take the time to recognise the effort that went into achieving that big success or even modest Win, and do it authentically.

This builds our motivation for the next steps in our journey and gets us through any challenges we may face along the way.

Take a notebook, or the note app on your phone and write down 1,2,3 wins each and every week. It's a rewarding habit. Be really specific on the win, and why it was so important to you.

Talking of wins, I'm feeling inspired!

I'm working on updates to my treatment offering that I believe will serve you better, and may well improve your outlook on life, your inner self and as a result, your daily routines.

So are you winning in your life and your health and well being right now?

If not, click here for your next appointment.

I'll see you there.

Best wishes