Samantha Lennie

I am a therapist, intuitive and conduit for the light, who loves crystals, angels and nature.

I facilitate change in you through connection… to yourself, reconnection to your soul and to helping you achieve your desire to live life with joy and purpose.

Put simply, I help you to heal from within

Many years ago I became a holistic therapist because I wanted a solution to a hormonal imbalance, but I did not want to take conventional medicine to put it right. As I found the solution in Reflexology treatments, it set me on a path to understanding more about my physical, mental and emotional self. I wanted to explore how I could get unstuck around typical life challenges, and be a better, happier version of me. I found the tools and support in natural healing, that set me on my spiritual path, exploring my soul and experiencing a life of much more contentment.

I help highly successful and driven professionals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about having a fulfilling personal life just as much as a successful and rewarding career. They want to get to know and understand who they are on a deeper level, and know they must practice healthier lifestyle habits too.

They are dedicated to creating a balance between work and play, in order to be on their A-game professionally and also feel fulfilled personally. They understand that positivity, a loving and grateful perspective, and a healthy body, emotionally, mentally and physically, is the key to achieving the perfect life that gives them everything they’ve ever dreamed of.

Do you want to feel calm, more capable, wonderfully grounded and be able to move forward with confidence and joy?

Where in your life do you feel a lack of #connection?

#connection to yourself, your inner compass, your intuition

#connection to your physical body and the interrelation of all parts

#connection to your individual needs

#connection to your values

#connection to your choices

#connection to your truest desires and wishes

#connection to implementation of your life goals

#connection to the earth, so you feel grounded, safe and secure

#connection to source, or one consciousness, the universal energy and light that is who we are in this lifetime.

#connection to situations, people, behaviours and beliefs that you now want to let go of

#connection to freedom, happiness, success and your best health

Let me help you by creating space to bring your mind and body back into balance and harmony, so you feel confident and empowered to live the life you are seeking.

"I believe your health and well being is not a luxury, it is a right. It starts with yourself, from within and with full body ownership. Self-care practise has to take priority and must become habitual. How we feel and what we think and believe is all down to us, it's literally an inside job".